Two human footprints emerge on Maskeliya rock

The footprints found on a rock in Maskeliya.

Two human footprints were found on a rock at the “New Fogmore” Group in Guardmore, Maskeliya in close proximity to Sri Pada by estate workers five days ago.

They said they came across a right footprint and once they cleaned the moss gathered on the boulder, the left became visible adjacent to it.

The right footprint is very clearly visible, while the toes of the left were invisible.

The space between the two is about one foot. Each is about one and a half feet long and is on the boulder to a depth of about one and a half feet.

Curious crowds are thronging to catch a glimpse of the imprints. Some estate workers have covered the two footprints with a canopy and started to pay homage to them.

Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretary R.P.G. Sumanasekera said he would inform the Archaeological authorities about the footprints and request them to conduct investigations. 

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