Out of Bounds notices served to SEUSL Engineering students

Engineering students sitting at the veranda of the administrative block. Picture by M. A. Phakurdeen, Addalaichenai Corr.

When student protesters defied Court orders to vacate from the administrative block of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) and prevented the administrative staff to work independently on December 29, 2017, all Engineering Faculty students were asked to vacate the university premises from the January 2, 2018 before 6.00 pm. Subsequently, Out of Bounds notices were served.

The out of bounds notice stated “The premises of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka is made out of bounds with immediate effect from January 2, 2018 until further notice. All the students of the above Faculty are requested to vacate their hostels on or before 6.00 pm on January 2.”

It may be noted that since December 27, 2017 onward, the students of the Engineering and Technology Faculties have been sitting on the veranda, stair cases, and the entrance of the administrative block of the university, demanding all 11 students (8 students from Technology Faculty and 3 students from the Engineering Faculty) who were served with out of bounds notices for charges on severe ragging and clashes with fellow students, to be taken back without any conditions.

Although during the first two days (December 27 - 28), the administrative officers, including the vice chancellor and registrar, passed all obstacles and entered their offices with great difficulty and worked; the situation became worse on December 29, and the administrative staff were unable to enter their offices and were standing outside the Administrative block.

The administrative staff are presently sitting on the grounds outside the administrative block and are awaiting further instructions from higher officers as to what is to be done next.

Meanwhile, the protesting students have neither vacated the administrative block, as per orders given by the Magistrate Court of Akkaraipattu nor have they obeyed the instructions of the out of bounds notices circulated by the Registrar. 


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