Driving licence issuing system to be reviewed

The current driving licence issuing system is set to be scrapped in the near future, National Council for Road Safety Chairman Dr. Sisira Kodagoda said.

According to Kodagoda, a decision was taken to review the current system as loopholes are still found in the licence issuing process.

“People can still obtain a licence without going through the proper procedures,” he said, adding that a new system will be introduced to rectify these issues.

According to Kodagoda, a committee appointed are now in discussion to formulate a new issuing process.

“One proposal is to provide a thorough training to public transport drivers prior to issuing the licence,” he said. He also added that there are plans to issue driving licences for Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) drivers through the SLTB itself.

Kodagoda said the aim is to improve the quality of drivers in Sri Lanka by streamlining the driving licence issuing process.

He said the committee is also in discussion to introduce a time period for which a vehicle can be used on roads.

“Transport Ministry, Sri Lanka Transport Board, National Road Safety Council officials and the Police are participating in these discussions,” Kodagoda said. 

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