Special Police Hotline for female candidates

The Police have set up a Special Hotline for female candidates contesting the forthcoming polls to lodge complaints if they face harassment, intimidation and abuse.

“The Hotline number is 0113024884. Complaints will be promptly investigated by the Police Child and Women Bureau offices established at every station,” Police Media Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said.

The Government recently brought laws to make it mandatory for all political parties to have 25% of females making up their candidates’ lists, at the LG polls.

Speaking to the media at the Election Secretariat premises in Rajagiriya following a meeting with the Elections Commission Chairman, Gunasekera said the police will take tough action against persons violating election laws so as to ensure a free and fair election.

SP Gunasekara further said the canvassing teams of political parties should be limited to 10 persons. If there is more than 10 people, it will be considered an unlawful assembly and there are provisions in the law to deal with this.

“Hate speech are also an offence under the election law and the general law of the country. The persons making such hate speeches will be taken into custody and produce before courts,” he said.

He said the Police have received 25 complaints relating to election violations up to yesterday.

“They have taken 8 persons into custody in connection with these complaints and they have been released on bail now. Of those eight persons, two persons are candidates at the forthcoming Local Government Election,” he said.

“Besides this,Police have taken 12 persons, who violated election laws and regulations into custody following several raids. Eight of them are still in custody,” he said.

The SP said that the police department has deployed 1,041 persons on a temporary basis tasked with removing illegal cut-outs, banners, posters etc. Each employee is paid a wage of Rs 1,068 per day. 

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