Sand mining on the rise in Dambulla District

Illegal sand mining have increased along the channels in Galewela and Dambulla areas, causing severe damage to the environment. But the relevant authorities have been observing a stoic silence, the public alleged.

Malawaoya, Kalugaloya, Beligamuwaoya and Welamitiyawaoya in the Galewela area too are facing a similar state, while Mirisgoniyawa and Dambuluoya channels were also undergoing the same problem.

According to the public, certain government officials are said to be involved in this racket, which has turned to be their main income. Therefore, illegal sand mining is unable to be curbed.

A few persons have been able to obtain permits for this purpose. But the majority of those involved in saand mining, have no permission.

They further said that the officers take action to implement rules when a poor person seeks permission to obtain sand for his domestic activities, but maintain silence to those who are involved in illicit sand mining, the public complain

So then, the government should take strict action against this for the benefit of the poor. 

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