Sanctuary visitors without passes to be fined

Those who enter the Bundala National Sanctuary without a valid pass would be fined Rs. 1,000, the park warden said.

He said that anyone who enters the park must observe the rules and regulations laid down under the Fauna and Flora Act. Behaving contrary to the rules and regulations would have adverse effects on the wildlife in the park. The park warden further said playing casette recorders at high volumes has been prohibited. Meanwhile, the five species of turtles in Sri Lanka come to Kalametiya beach for nesting every year, of which the Green Turtle is the dominant species, environmentalists said. He said that May and July in every year are peak seasons for turtle nesting. He said that this endangered species is under pressure due to the collection of eggs and hunting of turtles.

The Kalametiya lagoon is also a bird sanctuary and bird-shooting goes unabated, residents said. Although the catching, transportation, and possession of lobsters are prohibited, it is still being carried out, threatening the existence of the species.

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