Only few traders comply with govt.’s order to sell coconuts at Rs. 75 per nut

Only a single trader in the Sigiriya town was complying to the controlled price of coconuts imposed by the government which was Rs. 75 per nut, but all the other traders in the Sigiriya town are selling a coconut at prices ranging between Rs. 80 to Rs. 100 each.

This was revealed in a survey conducted in Sigiriya town recently. Traders at the Dambulla Sathipola when questioned about this situation, said that eventhough they were willing to comply with the government’s order, coconut estate owners had failed to reduce the whole sale price of coconuts supplied to them.

Although 25 to 30 wholesale coconut traders normally frequent the Dambulla Sathipola, only three traders were seen in recent times. There is also a scarcity of retail coconut traders in the Dambulla town.

Vegetable traders who used to sell coconuts as a side business, said the Consumer Affairs Authority was filing legal action against retail traders selling coconuts above the price of Rs. 75 each, but the wholesale suppliers who do not fall In line by reducing the wholesale price, had been exempted from any legal action. 

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