Media barred from announcing unofficial election results

The media will be barred from announcing unconfirmed and unofficial election results at the forthcoming Local Government election, Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya stated yesterday.

Addressing the media at the Government Information Department, he said that this will be strictly implemented and the media will only be allowed to carry results sanctioned by his office.

Deshapriya also said, there will be no separate announcement of postal vote result for each and every local authority.

Meanwhile, a special programme will be implemented from January 2 to February 2 to provide identification cards to voters who do not possess a valid ID.

Deshapriya also said that in accordance with the regulations all polls related propaganda activities should come to an end by midnight February 7.

Replying to questions from the media Deshapriya said that election officers at the voting centres will place a special mark in the sealed ballot boxes to ensure both security and better identification. 

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