Massive development plan for Mahaweli L Zone

The Welioya centred Mahaweli L Zone surrounded by North Central, Nothern and Eastern Provinces is under a massive infra structural development plan at present.Under this programme, the capacity of the L Zonal landscape has been increased up to 192,000 hectares from 163,000 hectares having devided the zone in to three development divisions such as Ethawetunuwewa, Kiriibbanwewa and Weheratanna.

It is learnt that after the ending of the terrorist war,the expansion project in L Zone 6000 new families have been resettled in the Welioya area.

Since kidney disease is prevalent in the Mahaweli L area a special drinking water supply project consisting of 12 water purification mechanisms costing Rs. 50 million has been installed. For remedying the severe lack of proper toilet facilities Rs.40 million has been granted to the low income group families for creating sanitation facilities.

The Mahaweli Development Authority has spent Rs.3000 million for providing drinking water, electricity, transport, health care, self employment opportunities and for school development work in the zone.

Apart from this in 2017, Rs. 475 million was spent for carpeting connectivity road systems for the Sampath Nuwara, Nedunkeni and Sri Pura town ships in the Mahaweli L zone.

The Land Commissioner Department in 1984 embarked on the Mahaweli L Zonal Settlement programme and in 1979, the Mahaweli L zone was declared as a special Mahaweli development area. 

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