LG bodies to manage waste disposal from January

Waste management in the Colombo city will devolve on local government institutions from January 1, with identified responsibilities.

The Minister gave this assurance addressing the gathering at the “Colombo city beautification awards presentation ceremony 2017” held at the Water’s Edge Hotel, Bataramulla recently.

The awards ceremony was held to honour and appreciate the services rendered by institutions and persons who had contributed towards the resolution of the garbage problem in the Colombo city.

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka thanked every one from the officers at the highest level down to the labourers at the lowest rung who toiled hard round the clock salvage Colombo city from the garbage crisis at a time it earned the ire and criticism from the whole country.

Work on the Aruwakkalu sanitary land fill project will be completed soon to offer a permanent solution to the garbage problem in the Colombo city and its environs, Ranawaka said.

“Most people were under the impression that the crisis could not be resolved without the support of the armed forces.

But the officials and the rest of the workforce were able to resolve the problem by themselves through devotion to duty,he said.

Minister Ranawaka said that armed forces had undoubtedly rendered and excellent service at times of natural disasters.

But this instance they were only involved in reviewing the work undertaken by officials and workers.

He said the Colombo city would come under a political authority from February next year and he hoped that it would continue the good work under its tenure. All this time his ministry had only helped to tide over the situation. The Sri Lanka Land Reclamations and Development Board team would inform each and every one in writing about their team responsibility before December 31.

Minister Ranawaka said he also wished to thank all Environmental Association for the support given to his ministry during the garbage crisis.

He said the proposed sanitary landfill would be built according to the 121 specification issued by the Environment Authority Similarly he would thank all private sector institutions and individuals who assisted in the matter.

He said the programme aimed to transform the Meethotamulla and Bloemendhal garbage mountains into urban parks would be launched next years.

Minister Ranawaka said he attended the meeting held at Aruwakkalu on December 16 to discuss preparations for the proposed sanitary land fill. State Minister Palitha Range Bandara was the only politician who attended the meeting.The Chairman of the Election Commission had sent a letter saying that no politician should attend the meeting.

Minister Ranawaka said all those who attended the meeting including religious dignitaries and the public lauded and supported the project saying they would be happy if this project could resolve the garbage problem once and for all.

“The public in the area were not opposed to the project at all. It was the politicians who had instigated them to participate in the demonstration held on October 15 against the Arawakkalu land fill project,”he said.

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