Wild animal menace on the increase

The Wild animal menace is increasing throughout the country at the moment people complain.

These roaming animals destroy paddy fields, chena and home garden cultivations, while endangering the lives of innocent people, they lament.

According to residents, monkeys, giant squirrels, apes, wild boars, porcupines and peacocks wander throughout populated areas in search of food and water, while disrupting their day today lives. Monkeys and apes jump from trees to roofs of houses, damage and break tiles and asbestos sheets thatched on them people lament. These monkeys, apes and giant squirrels drink up water from young coconuts, king coconuts and eat up the kernel and destroy their coconut, fruit and vegetables farmers say.

Even though the matter had been brought to the notice of all those responsible, nothing has still been taken to address this issue, people complain.

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