President inaugurates ‘National Food Production Battle’


President Maithripala Sirisena, this morning, inaugurated the ‘National Food Production Battle’ by attending the ‘National WAP Magul Ceremony’ that marked the start of the programme initiated by the government.

The National Food Production Battle aims to revive and strengthen the agricultural sector of the country in a sustainable manner amid the challenges posed by climate changes.\

The ‘National Wap Magul Ceremony’ was held near the Thibbotuwawa Tank in Kekirawa.

Today, October 6 has been designated Farmer’s Day even while October 6 – 12 has been declared the National Food Production Week.

Many programmes, including the distribution of seed paddy to farmers and the rehabilitation of 2,000 acres of coconut lands will be conducted.

Meanwhile, as an extension of this programme, 7th October has been announced Students' Day and the inauguration ceremony of this will be held at the Siyane National School, Gampaha under the patronage of the Minister of Education.

The Ministry of Education stated that under three categories: National food production, toxins free food production, prevention of food wastage, several programs will be implemented covering all the 10,353 schools of the country.

8th October has been annouced Livestock Day. The inauguration of this day will be held at the Genetic Resources Centre in Peradeniya. Many extensive national programs including dairy industry development projects will be implemented for the development of the livestock sector.

9th October has been designated  Entrepreneurs' Day, and the inauguration ceremony of this will be held at the premises of the Talawila Church in the North Western Province and the Andaulpatha Village in Mahiyangana in Uva Province. A number of programs will be implemented across the country to encourage the primary industrialists and entrepreneurs.

10th October is the Fisheries Day, and the Ministry of Fisheries stated that a special programme will be implemented to release one million fish for breeding purposes.

The inauguration of this day will be marked by opening of the Fish Breeding Center in Kallarawa, built at a cost of Rs 200 million. Especially implementation of programmes to increase the fish consumption among the people in the Hill Country and the Estate sector, programmes for the development of livelihood as well as for creation of employment opportunities will be accelerated.

11th October is the Public Servants Day, and the inauguration ceremony in this regard will be held at the Auditorium of Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council and Ratnapura District Secretariat.

12th October is named as Diyawara Day, and the main ceremonies in this regard will be held near the Muruthawela Tank and near Urusita Weva in Embilipitiya.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Mahaweli Development has organized many programmes to get the active participation of the Mahaweli community for this programme.

In the Mahaweli zone, there are an estimated 150,000 irrigation lands and all those lands are expected to be used for this programme in a proper manner.

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