Flood warnings declared following heavy rains

The opening of the sluice gates of the Kukule Ganga reservoir following heavy rains during the last few days has submerged several low lying areas in the Kosgulana Malkawa, Paragoda Dambala, Bulathsinhala and Madurawela DS Divisions. Here, a group of affected people moving to safer areas by boat. Picture by Saman D Withana in Palindanuwara

Following heavy rainy conditions, flood situation alerts were declared in several areas in the country as the water levels of the Kalu, Nilwala and Gin rivers increased yesterday. The water level of Aththanagalu Oya have also increased as well. The Irrigation Department stated that water levels of the Kalu Ganga at the Millakanda and Ratnapura posts have reached spill level. Water levels of Nilwala river at Panadagama post was at major flood level.However, the Irrigation Department expects the water level to reduce to a minor flood level. Due to the flood situation, roads in the Athuraliya, Kaduduwa, Maliduwa, Siyambalagoda and Kamburupitiya are inundated.

Lankinda Nanayakkara, Imadoowa Group Correspondent reports that the Neluwa area received a heavy rainfall causing the Gin Ganga to reach spill level of 3.80 metres. He also reports that the Unanwita, Keppitiyagoda, Kurapanawa areas were inundated with the Galle Disaster Management Unit providing the necessary assistance. Accordingly, the DM unit has three boats for services while the Sri Lanka Navy has 10 more boats for emergency relief.

Meanwhile, due to heavy rainfalls received by the west bank of the upcountry, one spill gate of the upper Kothmale reservoir and two of the Canyon reservoir were opened. Two spill gates of the Laxapana reservoir were also opened. The Wimalasurendra reservoir has also reached its spill level.

Meanwhile, Maskeliya Group Correspondent Gamini Bandara Ilangatilake reports that the water levels of Maussakale and Castleridge reservoirs are rising as well. The areas surrounding the two reservoirs have received 102mm and 61mm rainfall respectively. The Kukule Ganga is also reported to have reached flood level.

The National Building Research Organization issued a landslide warning for the Eheliyagoda Divisional Secretariat Division and surrounding areas due to heavy rains exceeding 150 mm for the area. The Meteorology Department, issuing a weather report, states that prevailing heavy showery condition is expected to reduce by some extent temporary in south-western part of the island. It also says that cloudy conditions are expected to continue further and fairly strong winds can be expected over the island and surrounding sea areas during next few days. Turbulence in the Bay of Bengal will continue in the next 48 hours, it also says.According to the department’s weather predictions the rainy condition will continue for the next two days as well. The report also says that “Showers or thundershowers at times are expected in the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Central, North-Western and Northern Provinces and in the Galle and Matara districts, particularly in the Central hills.”

On Marine Weather Forecast,the Meteorology Department informs that strong gusty winds can be expected in the sea areas around the island and the South-Western Bay of Bengal sea area. 

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