Faculty students sent on ‘Out of Bounds’

Ten students from the Faculty of Technology of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka were sent on “Out of Bounds” following indiscipline activities and offences against a few fellow students of the Faculty of Technology of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka on October 11.

It is alleged that these students were involved in physically and mentally harassing and intimidating a few fellow students of Faculty of Technology with an intention of forcing them to discontinue their studies and preventing students in carrying out their studies. They were also involved in threatening and insulting of an Academic Staff member in an arrogant style with high tone in front of other students, engaging in activities that disrupt teaching and learning processes at the Faculty of Technology and behaving in a manner which is detrimental to the good name of the University.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. M. M. M. Najim has warned the students that their involvement in the above indiscipline activities is deemed as actions that violated the University Rules and Regulations deliberately in terms of Prohibition of Ragging and Other Forms of Violence in Educational Institutions Act, No. 20 of 1998 and University Grants Commission Circular No. 946 of February 10, 2011. Considering the records of all their current and previous involvement in unlawful activities, they are suspended from attending all academic activities and the University premises are declared “Out of Bound“ for them with effect from 6.00 am on October 11, 2017 for a period of 30 days.

The punished students have been requested to respond to the charge sheet within five working days from the date of receiving their charge sheet. Failure to do so will enable the Senate of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka to determine the punishment/s based on the UGC Circular No. 946, it is said. An Inquiry Committee will conduct the investigation related to these incidents and further action will be taken based on the recommendation of the Inquiry Committee, Vice Chancellor said.

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