Enslavement and abuse of children, right under our nose

(Left) Sandun being taken to hospital and Children playing at ‘Diyatha Uyana,’ Battaramulla to celebrate World Children’s Day. Pictures by C.K.Wickrema, Galaha Group Correspondent and Shan Rupassara

At a time when the rest of the world and children in Sri Lanka were merrymaking and celebrating Children’s Day, poor little Sandun (Pictured here on Left) was just glad to have been found and rescued.

The Galaha Police had been tipped-off of a boy who was abused by his brothers in Madakakila, Deltota.

The police eventually traced the house on hearing the screams and cries of Sandun. Sandun who was constantly abused by his two brothers and a sister-in-law was found with logs tied to his feet, broken bones and infected injuries.

It was revealed that his father had passed away and since his mother was overseas, he was under the care of his two brothers. One of his brothers is a 24-year-old father of two. Sandun had studied up to Grade 3 after which he had come to live with his brothers, which is when the abuse began.

Sandun had multiple fractures in both his arms and legs. His brothers who physically abused him had tied logs to his feet, so he wouldn’t move. His injuries had been infected but he was never given any medication.

Such is the situation of some children in Sri Lanka who are far from sight and mind. Let’s strive to make Sri Lanka a safer place for children, not just on Children’s Day but every day.

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