‘Congestion in prison will ease with new one at Angunukolapelessa’

Minister D.M. Swaminathan unveiling the plaque to mark the opening of the new prison complex.

Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs Minister D.M. Swaminathan said the new prison would ease the congestion at country’s prisons.

The Minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of the prison on October 16 at Angunukolapelessa, Hambantota.

The new prison was set up in line with the international standards and Rs. 4,996 million was spent to construct the prison and it would accommodate 1,500 inmates.

The Tangalle Prison has facilities only for 180 inmates but it holds now 1200 inmates, the Minister said. The Minister said the foundation stone for the new prison was laid on May 16, 2014 and it was opened on October 16 this year. He said Welikada Prison inmates would be relocated at the new prison. “The island had 35,000 prisoners at all the prisons and today, the number had decreased to 25,000, he said. “The new prison comprises a gymnasium, swimming pool and a fully fledged playground,” he said. The Minister said young people were spending their prison terms at all the prisons.

“They lose their education and their expectations are shattered. Anger and hatred should be taken away from the minds of the people. Then things that lead to unruly acts will not occur. Any institution has disciplines for its proper function.

It was the bounden duty of the prison officials to look after the inmates so that they would be good citizens after they leave prisons,” he said.


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