Stop genocide against Muslims in Myanmar: EP

A protestor displays a placard during a protest against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The Eastern Provincial (EP) Council unanimously passed a proposal brought by its Opposition Leader M.S.Uthumalebbe urging the Sri Lankan Government to take steps to stop the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar by drawing the attention of organisation like the UN towards the massacre.

He brought the proposal at the 83rd Council meeting held on Thursday in Trincomalee.

"The Sri Lankan Government has to urge the United Nations and the Government of Myanmar to stop killing Muslims in Myanmar," Uthumalebbe said.

"The Myanmar Army kill innocent children and women.

They are not allowed to settle in Bangladesh. All the countries witness the genocide taking place in Mynmar at present, but no one take any action to stop the mayhem," Uthumalebbe said. "UN has many branches to address humanitarian issues in other countries. They sent relief and support teams when a country faces disasters.

But they do not say a word against the genocide of Muslims," Uthumalebbe said. 


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