Piece of stringhopper on moustache gave away his game

A piece of a stringhopper that was stuck in the moustache gave away the person who robbed part of a stock of stringhoppers brought by staff attached to a police district office in Matale to be taken to the funeral house of a constable’s mother recently a report from Matale said.

The report said the staff attached to the district police office had sent a contribution list and made a collection to take food to the funeral house of their colleague’s mother. They had bought 750 string hoppers is a box and a dhal curry to be taken to the funeral house after office and kept it in the office.

When, after getting ready to visit the funeral house they had realised that half of the package including 350 stringhoppers had gone missing. They had searched the entire office and drawn a blank. However one smart individual among them had seen a string hopper piece sticking out of the moustache of their civilian peon which aroused suspicion. Teaming up with others they had cornered the peon and questioned him at length and he had admitted to having taken half of the stock and hidden it in his cupboard to be taken home after work after eating 10. stringhopers.

They had then grabbed the peon’s cupboard key and opened the cupboard to see the box of stringhoppers hidden in it.

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