Mustapha suggests new mixed electoral system is applied to all elections


Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils Faizer Mustapha will table a cabinet memorandum proposing to apply the new mixed electoral system introduced for the local government bodies, to all elections including Provincial Council election and parliamentary election.  

Issuing a statement, Minister Mustapha says he will table the memorandum at the Cabinet meeting tomorrow.

The new mixed electoral system for the Local Government bodies follows a First-Past-the-Post (FPP) representation 60 percent and Proportional Representation (PR) 40 percent ratio.

“The Constitutional Steering Committee has already proposed to hold the parliamentary election under this 60:40 ratio electoral system. By introducing the same system to Provincial Councils will ensure that we have a consistent method applied to all elections.” Minister Mustapha observes.

He also says that all political parties in the parliament have consented to this proposal.

Minister Mustapha further states that the new electoral system will pave way to a better political culture. Mustapha also states that he is willing to discuss about the proposal with all political parties and other parties concerned of the matter. The statement also says that the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Council will seek recommendations from an expert committee on the proposal as well.   

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