MDMK protests outside Chennai Deputy High Commission office

MDMK cadres on Wednesday laid siege to the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission office in Chennai, claiming that their leader Vaiko was threatened at the UN Council.

MDMK leader Vaiko has been attending the UN Council for the past 3 days, speaking in favour of Sri Lankan Tamil nationals and alleging that the government of Sri Lanka has been discriminating against the Tamil community. Vaiko, in his speech at the UN council, protested against the Lankan government for the atrocities being committed against Tamils living in Sri Lanka. Vaiko has stood firm on his stance, holding the Sri Lankan government responsible for the death of lakhs of Lankan Tamils in 2009 and the deteriorating state of livelihood of those remaining.

What happened after Vaiko's speech at UN Council

Two days ago, a video taken inside the UN Council was released where Vaiko alleged that after he had finished a speech session, a Lankan national confronted him asking how he could speak in such a scathingly critical way about Sri Lanka. Vaiko, on his part, said that he only brought to the fore the atrocities that were being faced by the Lankan Tamils. Later, six other nationals, whom Vaiko claimed to be soldiers or war commanders, threatened him to not speak in such a manner.

It was on hearing about this incident that the MDMK cadres attempted to lay siege to the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission in Chennai.

Party leader Mallai Sathya stated that the Centre had not condemned what had happened to Vaiko, something that only showed that no matter which party comes to power, Tamil citizens would only be treated as 'second grade' citizens. The cadres raised slogans against the Sri Lankan government. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena's pictures were burnt by MDMK cadres to display their resentment. Following the protest, Sathya also claimed that the rights of Tamil citizens should be protected at all costs. (India Today)

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