Govt’s economic vision

The government’s vision is to make Sri Lanka a rich country by 2025. The government will do so by transforming Sri Lanka into the hub of the Indian Ocean, with a knowledge based. Highly competitive, social market economy. The government will create an environment where all citizens have the opportunity to achieve higher incomes and better standards of living. To achieve this the Government will create the conditions which will generate economic growth with equity.

The structural transformation necessary to achieve this vision is currently under way. The ‘Empowered Sri Lanka’ document laid the foundation for this transformation by identifying the priorities of raising incomes, ensuring employment and housing for all, and improving the quality of life for all citizens.

The Government will position Sri Lanka as an export oriented economic hub at the centre of the Indian Ocean.

The government recognises the fundamental reality that Sri Lanka has a domestic market of only 20 million consumers with a modest per capita income, and must rely on external demand for sustained, high, and long term growth.

The Government will strategically position Sri Lanka as the hub of the Indian Ocean, securing opportunities for local businesses in Global Production Networks (GPNs).

This outward looking approach will increase the efficiency of the domestic economy, contributing to a better life for all Sri Lankans.

The Government will stamp out corruption by encouraging competition and enabling transparency to give all Sri Lankans an equal chance at prosperity.

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