Govt. guarantees independence of Police, AG's Dept, Judiciary: Minister

The government does not interfere in the independent operations of law enforcement, judiciary and government service, Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister Chandima Weerakkody said at yesterday's media breifing.

Minister Weerakkody pointed out that the government has ensured the independence of the Police, the Attorney General’s Department,the Judiciary and Government Services and that it cannot in anyway interfere with their operations. Minister Weerakkody was answering a question by a journalist with regards to the lack of speedy procedure to ensure justice regarding certian murder cases, including the Lasantha Wickremetunga murder.

The Minister said the government cannot intervene in these investigations and expressed his confidence that law enforcement and judiciary will conduct comprehensive investigations and follow the proper legal procedure in bringing the culprits to book.

“Since the Police, Attorney General’s Department and Judiciary are independent entities; the operations conducted by each of these parties will be independent and fair. We will do our best to expedite the processes. If you look at investigations such as the Presidential Commission Investigation the Treasury bond issue, isn’t it sufficient evidence that they are operating in nan independent without any government interference,” Minister Weerakkody questioned.

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