Government announces regulations on tuk-tuks


The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has issued the gazette streamlining three-wheelers used for passenger transport.

The Ministry had promised to issue guidelines in January of this year given the increasing rates of accidents caused by three-wheelers.

The Extraordinary Gazette No 2035/51 issued on 8 September not only issues specific guidelines on the vehicle specifications of three-wheelers used for passenger transport but has also stressed on the need to stick to the speed limit of 40km/hr as stated in the provisions of the Motor Traffic (Speed Limits) Regulations No 1 of 2012. The speedometer must be fixed in a place visible to the passenger so he/she is aware of the speed in which the driver is traveling in.

In addition it has been made compulsory to have a taximeter fitted and in operation throughout the hire. At the end of a hire, the driver must issue a receipt to the passenger with details of the distance travelled, vehicle registration number, amount charged and date. 

Furthermore, three-wheeler owners have been asked to clearly display to passengers; the registration number, name and driving license number of the driver, photograph of the driver and telephone numbers of the respective police stations where the vehicle is registered in case of an emergency.

Regulations for carrying passengers include; behaving in a civil and orderly manner, not smoke, not terminate hire before he has been discharged by the hire, and carry passengers to their destinations by the shortest possible route within the shortest time unless requested otherwise.

Owners or drivers of three-wheelers have also been warned to not permit any person to distribute leaflets while the vehicle is in motion. In addition, three-wheelers will also be cautioned against blaring music or any sound from their vehicle while in motion or when parked in a manner which would annoy or disturb road users. 

Moreover, three-wheelers have also been restricted from using, ‘letters or digits’ on their vehicle apart from the information marked thereon by the manufacturer, on the front or back of the vehicle.  This would remove all decorative stickers and material from the body of the vehicle.

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