Former judge says not indicted...

With reference to our news item under the heading ‘District Judge indicted in fraud case’, that appeared on August 25, 2017, former District Judge D. A. R Somasinghe has sent the following clarification.

“I have been indicted by the Commission to Investigate Allegation of Bribery and Corruption under section 23 of the Bribery Act which I consider to be arbitrary, malicious and capricious.

“I filed FR case No 407/16 against the said Commission on 11.11.2016 for not concluding the inquiry before my retirement. When I was in service I challenged them to indict me if materials are available.

“Having recorded four statements, from the manager of the Horana People's Bank I have been indicted having hidden my lawful income. Therefore, I have filed second FR case No 276/17 against the said Commission to get the arbitrary indictment quashed.

"I appeared on 24 August 2017 before High Court Colombo and I was served the indictment.

"I regret to complain to you that the Daily News on 25.8.2017 reported “District Judge indicted in fraud case”. I have never been indicted in fraud case as alleged by the paper.

The word “Fraud” is a crime which is defined in the Penal code. I have not committed either crime under Penal Code or Bribery Act. This is only a fabricated case which was filed against me to show Supreme Court that the said Commission has not violated my human rights. By disseminating this incorrect report, without paying due diligence an irreparable damage has been caused to me by this report", Somasinghe said in a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. 

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