Essential items sold at reduced prices at Lanka Sathosa outlets from today

Rice and other essential food items will be sold at reduced prices at islandwide Lanka Sathosa outlets from today in a bid to bring down the cost of living, Lanka Sathosa Chairman T.M.K.B. Tennakoon said.

Addressing a press conference at the CWE in Colombo yesterday, the Lanka Sathosa Chairman said the prices of eight rice varieties have been brought down with effect from midnight yesterday as per a decision taken at the Cost of Living Cabinet Sub Committee meeting headed by President Maithripala Sirisena on Wednesday night.

He said rice, sprats, big onions, local potatoes, canned fish, milk powder, sugar, dhal and wheat flour would be sold at reduced prices, while assuring that good quality stocks of these items would be available without any shortage in Sathosa outlets across the country.

He said Sathosa could negotiate with about 30 companies to give special discounts to grocery items such as soap, tea powder, jam and soft drinks from next week.

As per the new prices effective from today, a kilo gram of ‘White Nadu’ has been reduced by Rs 3 from Rs 77-74, ‘White Kekulu’ by Rs 3 from Rs 68-65, ‘Samba’ by Rs 5 from Rs 89-84, ‘Red Kekulu’ by Rs 2 from Rs 77-75, ‘Red Nadu’ by Rs 3 from 83-80, ‘White Kekulu Samba’ by Rs 4 from Rs 94-90, ‘Red Kekulu Samba’ by Rs 2 from Rs 90-88 and an imported broken rice variety by Rs 5 from 65-60.

“Most of these rates are lower than the controlled prices we introduced in August,” he added.

He said one KG of sprats (imported from Thailand) has been reduced from Rs 539-525.

“We are selling 1kg of big onions at Rs 125, local potatoes at Rs 130, canned fish (400g) at Rs 130, milk powder (400g packet) at Rs 305, sugar at Rs 107, dhal at Rs 152 and what flour at Rs 86. These prices are much lower compared to their current prices in Super markets.

When we drop the prices we believe the other super market chains will also follow suit,” he said.

The Chairman said the President instructed the Coconut Development Board to deploy mobile units to distribute coconut at reasonable prices in the main cities. 

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