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Strong winds in Hambantota

Strong winds (40-45 kmph) may occure today in the Hambantota District, the Meteorology Department yesterday said. Fair weather will prevail over many parts of the island.

The sun will be directly over the latitudes of Sri Lanka from August 28 to September 7. The nearest towns where the sun is overhead yesterday (4) are Andiambalama, Narangoda, Gewilipitiya, Karametiya, Radaliyagoda, Nilgala and Panankadu about 12.9 noon.

Fair weather will prevail in sea areas.

Winds will be south-westerly towards the sea area and blow at 25-35 kmph.

The sea area from Hambantota to Pottuvil can be rough at times as winds blow at 40-50 kmph at times.