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Lunch sheet maker raided

CEA, CAA and Police Officers inspect the factory.

The Central Environmental Authority (FEA) along with the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) and the CEA Police Special Unit raided a factory manufacturing banned lunch sheets in Hokandara on September 26.

Lunch sheets manufactured using HDPE and calcium were found at the factory. Four extruders, four cutting machines and mixtures were found.

The factory had Environmental Protection Licence only to manufacture LDPE shopping bags and grocery bags. The factory has supplied its products under different brands violating the Consumer Affairs Act.

It also manufactured HDPE lunch sheets at night and sold them in bulk during daytime violating the National Environmental Act with Regulation No. 2034/34 of 2017. 09.01.

The CEA will take legal action against the accused in the Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court. The company has manufactured lunch sheets even before enforcing the regulations last September and continued the business challenging the law. The CAA seized the stocks worth Rs. 12 lakhs.