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Shramadana campaign held

A shramadana campaign under the dengue-prevention and beach-cleaning programme, was held in the Addalaichenai beach area, recently.

Addalaichenai Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman A. L. Amanullah organised the programme under the district’s second health development programme.

Under the programme, the Addalaichenai Pradeshiya Sabah had introduced new garbage bins; some for degradable waste and others for non-degradable waste.

The Addalaichenai Pradeshiya Sabah had made necessary arrangements to embellish the beaches along the Addalaichenai, Palamunai and Oluvil coastal belts in order to attract more tourists, both local and foreign.

Addalaichenai Pradeshiya Sabah Vice-Chairman M. S. Jawfer, Pradeshiya Sabha members U. K. Athamlebbe, A. L. Ajmal, Thameem Abdeen, A. S. M. Uvais and Pradeshiys Sabha Secretary M. I. M. Fais participated in the campaign.