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‘SAITM students’ qualifications are obscure’

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has informed the State Medical Students’ Parents’ Union that it does not have information in connection with the educational qualifications of the SAITM students, Media Spokesman of the Union Wasantha Alwis said.

He was addressing the media in Colombo yesterday.

He said the union sent a letter to the UGC under the Right to Information Act demanding information of the SAITM students. Responding to the request, the UGC has sent a letter stating that the union should obtain information from the SAITM.

The union demanded information on the number of students enrolled to the SAITM from the GCE A/L Science Stream results, the number of students who have one C pass and two S passes, and the number of students with one S pass or more.

Certain high officials in the Defence Ministry and certain public servants are allegedly making efforts now to enroll their unqualified children ito any medical faculty. Those officials threaten scholars who try to safeguard standard of the KDU, he said.