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Hospital chief, retired Mahaweli Authority official nabbed in ‘treasure hunt’

The confiscated ground scanner and other items.

Police have nabbed the chief of the Panwilatenna regional hospital along with several others while hunting for treasure in a house located in Kamathe Gedara area at the bottom of the Rajagala mountain in Hunnasgiriya. According to Police, the group had been excavating and attempting to locate treasure using a ground scanner at the time of the arrest on Saturday.

Among the eight suspects arrested was the owner of the house, a retired resident manager of the Mahaweli Authority and two businessmen from Gampola, the Police said. One suspect had escaped during the raid. He has been identified as a resident of Gampola.

The investigating officers also confiscated a jeep the suspects had arrived in, a ground scanner, an excavation machine, explosives and offerings. The Police had also discovered a four-foot deep pit dug by them. The Ududumbara Police are investigating.