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Cultural festival held in Akkaraipattu

A cultural festival organized by the Divisional Secretariat Office in Akkaraipattu, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Department of Cultural Affairs, was held recently under the patronage of Ampara Additional District Secretary K. Vimalanathan at the DS

office auditorium. This ceremony was presided by the Akkaraipattu Divisional Secretary A. M. Abdul Latheef.

Ampara District Secretariat Chief Internal Auditor M. I. M. Musthafa, Akkaraipattu Addl. Planning Director A. M. Thameem, Ampara District Secretariat Cultural Officer T. M. Rinzan, Cultural Development Officer S. Kokulathas and Muslim Religious Cultural Affairs Department

Development Officer M. H. M. Mukthar, Akkaraipattu Cultural Centre Promotional Officer I. L. Rizwan and the Akkaraipattu Cultural Officer A. M. Thowfeek also participated.

Picture shows Ampara Additional District Secretary K. Vimalanathan presenting the special award to Senior Lake House Akkaraipattu Special Correspondent Kalaboosana Meera M. Ismail for the services rendered by him for media.