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‘Ekeeya’ for ‘Unitary’ recommended

A proposal has been made to the Government to include the word ‘Ekeeya’ found in the Sinhala version of the new constitution in its English translation as well.

The English term 'Unitary State' used for ‘Ekeeya Rajyaya’ has been found to be a weak term internationally.

Advisors formulating the new constitution have studied the term ‘Unitary State’ in depth during the past week after taking into account the crisis in the Catalonia State in Spain.

They have pointed out that the word ‘Ekeeya’ is very strong and it accurately interpreted the country's sovereignty which never allow a division of the country. They have also pointed out that the word ‘unitary state’ mentioned in section 1 and 2 of the Steering Committee Interim Report English translation is also a very weak interpretation.