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Safe installed at Bond Commission

Salgado says he fears for his safety :

The Treasury Bond Commission yesterday acquired a safe to keep sensitive evidence of its investigation under lock and key.

The safe was brought in a military truck, accompanied by the Special Task Force officers.

Commission Chairman justice K. T. Chitrasiri informed Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda that the safe has been arranged and they are now able to place all critical evidence in it.

Meanwhile, today’s proceedings were carried on under special police security. Sources say that the Treasury Bond Commission premises received STF protection last Tuesday (5) as well.

Meantime, the Perpetual Treasuries Limited Chief Dealer Nuwan Salgado who testified against his employer sought special witness protection from the police witness protection division.

Accordingly Salgado, his family and his property will be provided special security from the police witness protection division. Making a statement at the PCoI, Salgado said he is not suggesting that he will be harmed by Kasun Palisena who is a friend. “I am not afraid of that. But some political…” Commissioner Justice P.S. Jayawardena at this moment intervened to say they “do not want the commission to be tainted by politics. There was no direct mention of any politicians here, apart from a pilfering son of a former Parliamentarian.”