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RDA to take Legal action against protestors

The Road Development Authority(RDA) stated that legal action would be taken against the protestors who disrupt the work of the Central Expressway.

RDA Chairman Nihal Suriyarachchi in a press statement yesterday said a protest campaign has been orchestrated by a small group with the motive of disrupting the work of the Expressway from Meerigama to Kurunegala. He observed even the people who received compensation by the Government have involved in the protests becoming political lackeys. He said the RDA lodged a complaint at the Kurunegala Police on Wednesday over these protests organised with vested interests and a court order was issued on Thursday to take legal action against any obstructer.

He added the RDA would strictly follow this order. The RDA, pointing out that the Central Expressway is an important development project of the Government that gives multiple benefits to the people in the area, requested the full support of the people to continue its work.