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Railway library project launched at Ambalangoda

Commuters at the railway library.

Ambalangoda Railway Station Station Master S. M. L. Siriwardena has launched a library project, first buying some newspapers on a daily basis by spending his own money. Railway authorities had appreciated his project and had taken measures to introduce libraries other leading railway stations in the country. Thus, S. M. L. Siriwardena has become a pioneer of railway station libraries.

Siriwardena, since his arrival at Ambalangoda railway station, had a long-felt desire to open a library there. First, he bought some newspapers, spending his own money and left them on a table and later; obtained several magazines and books, adding more reading material donated by the commuters. All those who appreciated his novel project donated more books to the Railway Library of Ambalangoda and by now, there are nearly 2,000 books available.Siriwardena said it was a striking feature that almost all the train passengers who had become members of the library never forgot to donate books to further expand the library project.

Several organizations and the Sri Lanka Railway Department had extended their cooperation to further expand station library at the Ambalangoda Railway Station. Recently, the Sri Lanka Library Association had given him training on Library Science.

C.G.R. General Manager has plans to start similar libraries in 12 leading railway stations in the country.