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Price of lunch packets to increase by Rs. 10 in protest of polythene ban


The price of a lunch packet will be increased by Rs 10 from today as a token of protest against the ban on lunch sheets, Sri Lanka Canteen Owners’ Association President Asela Sampath said.

Speaking to the Daily News, he said the average price of a rice packet is Rs 120, adding that this would be raised to Rs 130. He said the Association would meet today and decide on price revision of other food items such as string hoppers, kottu, fried rice, pittu etc as they are also usually wrapped in lunch sheets.

“The food sellers are seriously affected due to the new ban on polythene and lunch sheets. The ‘take away’ concept became successful because of lunch sheets. There is no proper alternative for lunch sheets. There is no fixed price for other alternative products, and the importers of such products try to sell them at Rs 6-8 to us. The price of a lunch sheet is Rs 1.70. If lunch sheets are not used, food sellers’ water bill will rise sharply as all the plates must be washed,” he complained.

Insisting that the Government should do away with the new ban on polythene, he said they would help the Government with segregation of waste and recycling.