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'Hold SLFP 67th annual convention in Jaffna': Angajan Ramanathan


The SLFP in Jaffna is considered a Tamil party run by Tamils, said SLFP Jaffna District MP Angajan Ramanathan today as he called for the 67th Annual Convention of the SLFP to be held in Jaffna next year.

Angajan addressing a SLFP media briefing held at SLFP Headquarters at Darley Road added that the President had given them much freedom and autonomy within the party.

`People in Jaffna have welcomed the President with open arms`, said the MP and assured that if a convention is organised in Jaffna a large group would gather.

Responding to recent LTTE propaganda material asking Tamil women not to marry Sinhalese men, the Jaffna District MP said it was a hoax and that the Tamil people have no interest in reverting back to an armed struggle.

`They have suffered enough as a result of the war. I can assure you, no one wants another one`, he said.