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Aloysius has two passports; asked to hand over their numbers to the PCoI :

To be summoned next week to give evidence :

Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda informed the Presidential Commission of Inquiry investigating into the Treasury Bond issue that Arjun Aloysius is not accessible to hand over the notice summoning him to give a statement to the CID team attached to the Treasury Bond Commission.

The Treasury Bond Commission yesterday issued a notice summoning Perpetual Treasuries Limited owner Arjun Aloysius to give statements to the CID.

Additional Solicitor General Yasantha Kodagoda also informed the Commission that CID officers had visited Aloysius’s residence to find that he was not available. According to these CID officers the maid at Aloysius’s house did not know where the house owner was.

ASG Kodagoda then told the commission that the CID officers attempted to get a hold of Aloysius’s at his place of work but Aloysius was not available.

According to ASG Kodagoda, the CID officers had then attempted to contact Aloysius’s Personal Secretary one Mr. Samuells. Aloysius’s Personal Secretary said he did not know where his boss was.

ASG Kodagoda then turned to Aloysius’s legal representative President’s Counsel Anuja Premaratne and requested to let his client know that the CID is looking for him.

The Chairman of the PCoI, Justice Chitrasiri also informed Premaratne PC to inform his client about the matter.

When ASG Kodagoda said Aloysius in nowhere to be found, Premaratne PC commented that a person can be anywhere other than his residence and his workplace.

ASG Yasantha Kodagoda also informed the commission that Arjun Aloysius is in possession of two passports, one Sri Lankan and the other Australian.

ASG Kodagoda requested Premeratne PC to give the two passport numbers to the PCoI. Premaratme PC said he will need to receive his client’s instructions on the matter.

The Commissioners also said that Aloysius will be called to give evidence before the Commission “sometime early next week.”