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WPC proposals on 20th Amendment given to Govt - CM

The proposals of the Western Provincial Council (WPC) in connection with the 20th Amendment have been forwarded both to the President and the Prime Minister, Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya said.

“We expect the Government will give a written solution by next Monday,he told the media at the WPC auditorium yesterday.

Devapriya said the WPC expects a written reply from the Government by next Monday.The WPC agrees to hold all PC elections on one day but does not agree to dissolve a PC in the middle of its term, bestowing power on Parliament and cutting down existing powers of the Chief Minister and the President (154th section).

According to the Chief Minister, the Joint Opposition wanted to defeat the 20th Amendment in all PPCs but it failed to do so in the WPC.That was the reason behind the unrest occurred in the WPC. But both sides tried to protect the Mace.During the efforts made to bring in ‘Super Minister’ we explained facts to the Prime Minister and he accepted our view.

“When we went through the 20th Amendment with the scholars and intellectuals, we saw some issues in it and that is why we obtained a week to address them”, he said.