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Samurdhi will not be curtailed: Duminda

The Agriculture Minister Duminda Dissanayake assured that Samurdhi relief would not be abolished or limited. He said false propaganda campaign was launched by some bankrupt politicians that the Samurdhi would be done away with by the Government.

Minister Dissanayake said a Cabinet decision was made recently after looking into the loopholes and defects in the present Samurdhi granting system and remedial steps would be taken to provide more benefits to the recipients.

He said the President declared a year for abolishing poverty to empower the livelihood of low income families.

“The former government allocated Rs. 14 billion to provide Samurdhi. The fund was later doubled. Those who were denied Samurdhi dividends although they were eligible to receive it would be offered the benefit forthwith. We will look into the complaints in this regard and will provide the benefit to everyone who deserve it. The shortcomings of the present system would be addressed, the minister said.