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No provision for special courts - BASL President

Commenting on the setting up of special courts aiming at a particular group or family, the Sri Lanka Bar Association President U. R. de Silva said that there were no provisions in the law to establish special courts to hear cases against certain groups of persons or certain kinds of cases. But, certain parties with the aim of gaining political advantage, continuously highlights this issue and we are totally against such a move.

He was answering to queries raised by journalists at a press conference organized by the BASL yesterday.

He said there was no need to set up such Courts, as there were seven Courts in the Colombo High Court and seven Judges are going through cases in an efficient manner. There is no backlog of cases at the Colombo High Court. Most of the special cases have now come to the concluding stage. There was a delay as some cases were filed without submitting proper documents. Now, we have strong structures and which would ensure a speedy trial and a speedy hearing of cases in the future.

It is unfortunate that certain suspects are kept for long periods in remand without being indicted by Courts. Incapability and inefficiency of certain Police officers have resulted the delay in indictments," he added.