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Amali Mallawaarachchi

Following the absence of a proper procedure on disposing confiscated illegal substances by law enforcement authorities, a new legislation on the matter will be introduced before long, Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said yesterday.

Following raids it is yet unclear as to what happens to the confiscated drugs, after it follows the process of being sent to the Government Analysts Department, or being held by the respective judicial body.

Repeated attempts by the Daily News to ascertain as to what happens to the drugs following the raids and discovery failed as the Police were unable to provide definite answers.

Concerns have been raised by President Maithripala Sirisena at a Cabinet meeting recently on the mechanism of handling confiscated substances by the law enforcement.

Earlier it was reported that Cabinet Ministers had informed President Sirisena that there were no set regulations on how confiscated substances should be disposed of. Minister Rajapakshe also told Daily News that setting up a reliable mechanism to handle the confiscated drugs will be a priority.

A three member committee was appointed recently to prepare necessary laws and regulations on how illegal drugs confiscated by law enforcement authorities are handled following investigations. Minister Rajapakshe said there possibly be a new system where the confiscated substance be destroyed after trials under the supervision of a responsible official, probably judiciary.

Minister Rajapakshe said the committee is holding discussion on the frame work, with the participation of the Police, Government Analyst, Customs Department and all other authorities involved in illegal drug confiscation.

Following the preliminary discussions with relevant law enforcement authorities, the committee will go ahead with setting up the law, Minister Rajapakshe said. “The committee commenced its work only very recently. It will take a couple of months to complete the task,” Minister Rajapaksa said. The three-member committee comprises Ministers Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe,Sagala Ratnayaka and Susil Premajayantha.

In 2016, law enforcement authorities had seized approximately 1500 kg of Cocaine.