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Medicinal drug cartel behind NCM submitted against me - Rajitha

Health Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said the Medicinal Drug cartel seething under the price reduction of 48 types of drugs and medical appliances was behind the allegations made against him in the No-Confidence Motion (NCM) submitted against him by the Joint Opposition.

The Minister said a systematic programme has been launched by the government to uplift the health services. The high point of this programme was the reduction in prices of 48 types of drugs and several medical appliances including stents.

The government has undertaken these health development programmes without succumbing to the pressures and influences of medical firms and tobacco companies. Such programmes to benefit innocent patients were never undertaken by the previous regime.

Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne made this observation participating in a ceremony held at Dharga Town, Beruwala on August 27 to carpet A K Mohamed Mawatha. The project is estimated to cost Rs 7.4 million.

The Minister said former parliamentarian A H M Azwer is also a heart patient. When Azwer said that he had to find Rs 1 million to purchase three stents he (Dr Senaratne) told him that the three stents would now cost him only Rs 315,000 because there had been a price reduction of stents. Azwer was amazed on hearing this good news.

Dr. Senaratne who said that drug firms were behind the baseless allegations made against him added that he would carry forward his struggle without fearing the threats posed to him. He is neither against allegations made against him because he would put forward the role he had played for the benefit of the health service which had been approved and acclaimed by the people. He said that he had launched a programme to provide 100 percent electricity and drinking water supplies to the Beruwala electorate and carpet all by-roads in the area.

Provincial Council Member Ifthikar Jameel, M.M.M. Amjad, State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Managing Director Dr. H.M.M. Rumy and Mohamed Siraz were also present on the occasion.