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‘Media should be in forefront of development’

“The Media is considered the fourth government in a democratic country. If the media of a country is independent, that country will progress economically and spiritually. Therefore, the media should be in the forefront of the country’s development,” Head of the Bakeer Markar Centre and former Media Minister Imithiyas Bakeer Markar said.

He was addressing a media workshop of journalists in the North Central Province on the reconciliation-friendly journalism and discipline in reporting held at the Anuradhapura Creston Park Hotel Auditorium recently.

The National Integration and Reconciliation Ministry and Bakeer Markar Centre organised the workshop. He said the country was in a war against terrorism for three decades. “We, as a nation must not allow any space for terrorism and allow the law and order of the country to prevail thereby providing equal opportunities for all communities in the country,” Bakeer Markar said.

He said a reconciliation media network must be established very soon to ensure that people gets unbiased news.

“Even though the war is no more, peace will not dawn automatically. We have to achieve reconciliation with much effort and proper initiatives. The media should be in the forefront in this regard, he said.

Senior lecturer at the Kelaniya University Ven. Galkande Dhammananda Thera spoke.