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Ingiriya rape case accused sentenced to 15 years RI, fine of Rs. 30,000 each

Panadura Provincial High Court Judge Padmini Ranawaka Gunatilleke concluding the trial on the Ingiriya rape case on Augus 11, 2017, found guilty the four accused indicted by the Attorney General and sentenced each accused to 15 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 30,000 and in default 1 ½ years simple imprisonment.

The accused M A Chaminda Prabath Kumara, J M Ravindra Pradeep Ranawakage, Wimalasiri and M Somachandra stood charged with the kidnapping of a young woman, a mother of one child who was living in a house at |Ingiriya, Janapaaya and raping her in a rubber estate on January 10, 2000. The Judge stated that after a lengthy trial, the four accused were found guilty.

The Judge said that according to medical evidence, it had been a brutal rape committed by the accused on the young woman that day.

State Counsel K V Indika stated that the Court should impose a severe punishment on the accused to teach them a good lesson.

Lawyers Mahinda Gamage and Chanaka Amarasinghe appeared for the accused.