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Five hundred ‘Udagammanas’ will be set up before year end: Sajith

Housing and Constructions Minister Sajith Premadasa said 500 new villages (Udagammanas) would be set up before the end of this year and they would face a presidential or a general election only after 2,000 udagammanas were set up.

He was addressing a meeting at Hambantota recently.

The minister said several politicians who were refused by the people could not tolerate the progress achieved by the present regime and spread rumours to topple the Government. He said those who robbed state properties and became multimillionaires were dead against the present regime because they would be brought to book and dealt with according to the law of the country if this Government continued.

The minister asked those who criticized the Government to come with him to view the progress achieved in housing. He said it was his target to provide shelter to every family by 2025. Minister Sajith said his ministry has no malpractices and bribery and every cent of the ministry was used to provide houses to needy people.

The minister said this was the golden era of housing.