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Faiszer declines to comment on Ravi: ‘Wait till the Commission concludes its inquiry’


Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Faiszer Musthapha today repeatedly declined to comment on allegations against Minister Ravi Karunanayake, maintaining that it is the responsibility of the UNP to react to them.

Minister Musthapha, responding to a myriad of questions by journalists at a press conference at the SLFP Headquarters, stated that the SLFP would articulate its stance on the findings of Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on the bond issue once its proceedings are over.

“The Commission is still sitting. I am a lawyer and President’s Counsel by profession. It is not ethical for me to make any statement at this stage. Let’s wait till the Commission concludes its inquiry,” the Minister said.

Finding himself in a swirl of questions, Musthapha replied, “In any Government there can be ‘thieves’. It has been the case with all succeeding Government’s in our country”.

Asked what would be the SLFP stance if a No Confidence Motion against Karunanayake was presented, Musthapha said it would be decided at that time.

The Minister however highlighted that it was the President’s initiative to set up the PCoI which paved the way for latest revelations.