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Doctor remanded for alleged sexual assault

A doctor attached to the Kegalle General Hospital arrested by the Kegalle Police for allegedly trying to sexually assault a woman in Kegalle town by pulling her by her hand, was remanded till August 30, when produced before Kegalle Acting Magistrate Ureka Wimalajeewa on August 26.

The doctor who tried to drag a mother of two waiting near the Shalika junction for her son’s return from a tuition class and attempted to sexually abuse her was in a high state of intoxication, Police said.

Another doctor, a team mate had been with him at the time but had not been involved in harassing the woman, Police said. As the drunken doctor tried to pull the mother of two, she had cried for help and a group of neighbours had rushed to her aid and had assaulted the two doctors.

Following a complaint made by the affected party, both doctors were arrested by the Kegalle Police.

The other doctor attached to the Maha Pallegama Rural hospital who had remained sober during the incident had been released on bail.

Further investigations are continuing directed by Chief Inspector Akila Karunaratne under the supervision of Inspector Prineeth Manawadu.