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Call to assure job security of Grama Niladharis

The Grama Niladhari Association affiliated to the Joint Opposition(JO) says they will not support election related activities at the upcoming Provincial Council polls if the government does not fulfill several demands.

Grama Niladhari Association's Chairman Sumith Kodikara speaking to the media at the N.M.Perera memorial hall in Borella said the Government should first assure the job security of Grama Niladharis because in Sri Lanka there was no such security.

He also urged government to set minimum qualification standards when recruiting Grama Niladhair’s, a provision which is absent at present.

He said the current practice of having only a written test and an interview to recruit Grama Niladhari’s has led to malpractices.

He also urged the government to introduce a proper salary scale for Grama Niladharis and a performance based promotion system.

Kodikara added that the recruitment of retired Grama Niladhari’s should stop forthwith.

He said that if authorities does not address the above members of his organisation will abstain from election related work.