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Woman lodges complaint against former DIG

A 26-year-old woman resident of Gonapinuwala has lodged a complaint at the Galle Police station against a former DIG who served as SP Galle alleging that he committed a sexual offence on her while he was stationed in Galle.

The said in her complaint that the former DIG in his capacity as SP Galle stayed in a house at Lower Dickson Road when he was serving in Galle.

Somewhere in 2016, the woman in question had arrived at the SP’s house with her family including her father, mother and two younger brothers and stayed overnight to attend an innovation to gods held there. They slept in the upper floor of the house and when her mother came and woke her up in the morning, the mother saw blood stains on her underwear and questioned as to what had happened.

The excited SP urged the woman and her parents to keep the incident a secret promising to pay them Rs. 1.8 million. But instead of the money, the SP privided the family a house in Gonapinuwala to reside. She said in her complaint that she was only around 25 years old when she faced this ordeal and studying for an external degree.

She had said that she was compelled to lodge this complaint became the former SP who retired as a DIG was pestering and threatening them demanding the house back.

Galle District SSP Chandana Kariywasam said Galle Police would conduct investigations into the complaint and send a dossier to the Attorney General’s Department for instructions regarding the future course of action as the relevant Police officer was now retired.